The British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education were in the process of launching new guidelines for food and beverage sales in their schools.

We worked with Dietitians of Canada to create a province-wide campaign that spoke to students, educating them on the new guidelines through fun social media interaction.

Meet the gang. Quest - the stuck-up know-it-all health conscious vegan. Tad - your everyday dude and a true citizen of the world. Summer - the one destined to be prom queen. And Max... oh Max - the definition of "Go Big or Go Home", if he isn't giving 100% he's sleeping. In which case, he's giving 110% just from going so hard.


Each of these characters were specifically crafted to lay a strong foundation for storytelling while carrying the key messages of the campaign.

Through daily interaction, the campaign made use of varying interaction methods as seen through the lens of these four students and their very distinct personalities and opinions. These methods were designed to encourage participation in two-way conversations rather than stale and unattractive promotional posts.


The language of the campaign was intentionally positively focused, built around what is gained (not lost) by the new guidelines. This encouraged students to see this beyond a set of restrictions, and setting up a stronger foundation for a healthy life.

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